Q: Will Maisto make a model of a [vehicle name]?

A: We can't discuss what we might or might not make. Send your request to customerservice@maycheonggroup.com-- we appreciate your letting us know what you would like but we cannot respond.

Q: What is the code for the color on a certain Maisto model? It's beautiful and I want to paint my [car, motorcycle, boat, etc. ...] in that color.

A: The color is a special oven-bake paint made for die-cast models -- it would not be usable for an actual car because of the high temperature that is needed to cure the paint. Also, it is from an industrial supplier that does not sell it in small quantities and does not have color codes that correspond with manufacturers of retail paint. It would be best to take our model to an auto paint supplier and have them mix a color to match it.

Q: I want to buy a Maisto product but I can't find it for sale. Could I buy it from you?

A: Sorry, no. We can't sell directly because we do not want to compete with our retail store customers. However, if it's a current item and you can't find it at your local store or online, try btsrack.com. If you are looking for an older Maisto item, you might try one of the online auction sites.

Q: Do you carry replacement parts?

A: We do not carry replacement parts. The best option would be to check with your local hobby store for any parts needed.

Q: I purchased a model kit but it was missing parts, can you send me the missing parts?

A: Yes, please email Customer Service with the following information: Name, Item Number, Item Description, Description of missing parts and Mailing Address.

Q: Do you accept returns / exchanges for Diecast Models?

A: All returns / exchanges for Die-cast models must be done through the store the vehicle was purchased from.

Q: Why does my Maisto RC vehicle not start?

A: Make sure the transmitter and the vehicle are turned on. Make sure batteries are fresh, not drained and are installed per polarity indicators. Make sure all 4 wheels are not obstructed by any foreign objects.

Q: Why does my my Maisto RC vehicle make unusual noises?

A: Make sure the batteries are fresh, not drained. Make sure all 4 wheels are not obstructed by any foreign objects.

Q: Why does the operating distance of my Maisto RC vehicle become shorter?

A: Make sure batteries are fresh, not drained. Make sure RC vehicle is away from sources of other radio frequencies.

Q: Why does it seem that my Maisto RC vehicle operates out of control?

A: It does if there’s 2nd RC vehicle nearby at the same channel as yours. Change to different channel on transmitter and on vehicle or play at different location.

Q: Why does my Maisto RC vehicle slow down and stop?

A: Make sure batteries are fresh or fully charged, not drained. Alkaline batteries are recommended for longer and better performance. Make sure all 4 wheels are not obstructed by any foreign objects.

Q: Can I buy other parts for my Maisto RC vehicle?

A: No, we do not offer parts to consumers. Please go to local hobby shops for compatible parts if necessary.

Q: What if I’m still having problems with my Maisto RC Vehicle?

A: Check the FAQ and make sure all attempts have been made to make the unit work. Check your purchase receipt date and make sure it's within the 30 days warranty period when you contact us. Contact Maisto (see below), and tell us the model that you have, the problem(s) you are experiencing, your daytime phone number, and any other information that might be helpful to us to resolve the problem. If Maisto cannot solve your problem by mail, email or telephone, we will issue a return authorization number so you can return the unit to us for repair or replacement. No returns will be accepted without a return authorization (RA) number issued by Maisto clearly marked on the outside of the package. Pack the unit back in its original box or another box with sufficient protective material, include a copy of your dated proof of purchase and a description of the problem then send it freight prepaid to the address which we will provide when we issue the RA number for the return.

Email: customerservice@maycheonggroup.com
Phone: (909) 357-7988
Time Zone: 8:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. / Monday-Friday / Pacific Time